Brian D Collier:  Artist, Educator, Re-Naturalist



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Selected Articles, Reviews and Media Pieces




WNPR, Judy Fox, Brian Collier and Jason Middlebrook interviewed about the exhibition "Connectivity Lost" at Wesleyan University


WGLT Radio, Laura Kennedy piece on Starlings & Collier's Project




Cloudal Partners Documentary about The Collier Classification System for Very Small Objects


KTKA 49 News Topeka (ABC) piece on Very Small Objects at Alice C. Sabatini Gallery


Artist Lecture at Alfred University




Brian Collier at Paragraph, review, Art in America


Wings of Change by Jessica Owings, Review Magazine


Mocking Bard, Orion: Nature,Culture, Place


Say it isn't so: Art trains its sights on the natural sciences, book excerpt


Animal Imagery Showing up in Contemporary Art, The Kansas City Star


Putting the Hustle and Flow in Check,


The artists in Locate/Navigate find their way everywhere, The Pitch


Looking for Inspiration in the Melting Ice, The New York Times


Time in a Bottle, Chicago Reader


Worlds of Information: Art of the Encyclopedic, Afterimage


Art of the Encyclopedic Smacks of the Information Age, The Buffalo News




Sinister Ornithology


Putting the Hustle and Flow in Check


Starlings in Art


Teaching the Starlings


The Naked City-Map Portraits


Teach the Starlings


Island Institute on VSO