Artist Statement 

“Man is an inveterate and incorrigible meddler, never content to leave anything as he finds it, always seeking to alter and – as he sees it – to improve.” -Christopher Lever

Unmanaged fragments of the non-human natural world exist in every human-transformed environment on the planet. Is it possible to consider the unbridled offspring of human introduced plants and animals wild? If not, how should we define these familiar but ill-defined cousins of what is conventionally called nature? This everyday version of nature, which I define as The Re-Natural Environment, is a conglomerate of native and introduced species that have managed to remain, or reinsert themselves, in the interstitial spaces of human-dominated landscapes.

For over 20 years I have been creating interdisciplinary projects that investigate the influence and impact of humans on other species and the spaces we inhabit. I am most interested in the contrast between our culturally generated understanding of the other-than-human natural world and actual everyday experiences with plants and other-than-human animals. I make work that is intended to provide opportunities for people to have a deeper level of engagement with these other species and increase awareness of the myriad ways in which we influence and interact with them. I work to reframe what we conventionally call "nature" and remove artificial separations between humans and the other species we live with.

-Brian D Collier

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